Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating

Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating



Commercial kitchens go through a lot of day-to-day damage and are prone to more damage and exposure to heat and traffic than the kitchen in your home. While it is important to make the kitchen floor look great, it is equally important to make it very durable, provide good traction and be stain resisitant.

If you are looking for a commercial floor coating for your kitchen that is the best option available on the market these days, look no further than the polyaspartic kitchen floor coatings from Floor Shield of Central Florida. These coatings are known for their exceptional durability and resistance to stains, making them an excellent choice for commercial kitchen floor coating in Daytona. Polyaspartic coatings are also known for their quick curing time, traction, and ability to resist various types of damage, such as chemical spills, abrasions, and UV rays. Making them a practical and long-lasting solution for commercial kitchen floor coatings.

Why do we need commercial kitchen flooring? Is it a necessary?

Having a clean kitchen is essential component to maintaining a hygienic restaurant kitchen. Opting for polyaspartic commercial kitchen floor coatings makes it easier to maintain a hygienic environment as the material is much easier to clean thoroughly than other commercial kitchen flooring options, like ceramic tile and grout. Since a poly aspartic commercial kitchen floor coating is non-porous, the time taken to clean and maintain it is much quicker than other types of kitchen flooring. Spending less time cleaning the kitchen floor leads to having more time to spend on more profitable areas of your business.

When you want concrete coatings for Daytona that will improve your kitchen workspace in more ways than one, call Floor Shield of Central Florida. Our products are three times stronger than conventional epoxy floor coatings, offering high-quality, damage-resistant flooring in various colors that will match any color scheme. We want to provide you with floor coatings that will last, no matter what kind of business you run. Trust in our expertise and let our team improve your commercial kitchen with one quick application.


Benefits of commercial kitchen floor coating:

Safe to use

Floor coating floors are non-slippery, which makes them safer for the staff to work in. Since the kitchen is prone to a lot of water, there are chances for the water to spill, and floor coating flooring, with its non-slippery nature, makes it easier for the staff to work in without issues.

Easy to clean

Besides the safety factor, cleaning is another major part of commercial kitchens. While kitchens are generally difficult to clean and maintain, commercial kitchens are even more difficult to maintain as they are used by multiple people, and the quantity they cook for is huge. Commercial Kitchen Floor coatings are easy to clean, as they just need to be wiped with water and air-dried to go back to their original state without putting in a lot of work.

Coat at any temperature

One of the main issues owners face with garage flooring, or any flooring for that matter, is temperature. Certain types of flooring are temperature-sensitive, and they can only be laid at a specific temperature, which is a major drawback. But with polyaspartic coating, the flooring can be laid at any given temperature, and the quality is commendable. If you are looking for garage flooring and are worried about whether or not the flooring will work properly due to the temperature outside, don’t worry any further.


With the kitchen being used almost all day, commercial kitchen flooring is the best option, as it is extremely durable and has great longevity. With water spilling and extreme heat exposure, it is impossible for other types of flooring to be as durable as floor coating flooring.

Heat resistance

The kitchen and heat are inseparable twins, and with floor coating flooring, there is no need to worry about the floor being exposed to this amount of heat as they are heat resistant. No matter how hot the room is due to cooking non-stop, the contrite flooring can withstand it all.



The money you spend on laying a commercial kitchen floor is much less than the time and money you would spend on cleaning and maintaining it. With exposure to so much moisture and heat, the floor without any coating can get affected and might require you to change the entire flooring, which would cost you a lot more than a quality floor coating.

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